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Business today in Yugomedic are created by highly educated experts in economic, technological,mechanical and legal fields. From detailed control input of raw materials to the production of high quality hygiene products tested in the internal laboratory as well as in the independent Institute of Public Health, the whole system is arranged and directed in that way so the customers have superior products in shortest possible time. All processes in the company are accompanied by adequate documentation required by international ISO standard, as in order to meet all possible customer requirements. The business is properly defined and people are extremely flexible and adaptable ready to meet all the requirements and challenges.Market analysis is done on a daily basis so Yugomedic could swiftly respond to highly demanding market with new technologies and new products.

Quality Policy
Throughout Yugomedic great attention is paid to the quality of the product. We believe it is crucial to provide top quality hygiene products and in this direction everything is fully compliant with the requirements set by the European Pharmacopoeia. The raw materials we use are of European origin, so that we are able to offer delivery in the export providing EUR1 Also, as a confirmation of the quality from 2007. Yugomedic is successfully implementing the international quality system ISO 9001/2015 standard applied. Every product from product range is accompanied by a manufacturer’s specification, quality certificate and report on laboratory analysis of the product. Customers largely recognize our quality and we do our best to justify the trust..



  • In 1997, on the family farm in a small town called Padej in North Banat, Yugomedic begins its productionof hygiene products under the direction of Đurđulov Jugoslav as founder of the company. Jugoslav as a highly educated expert his long experience acquired in companies for the production of medical and hygienic material, both in domestic companies as well as foreign companies Johnson & Johnson, successfully implements in a business of Yugomedic. Year1997
  • Over the next few years appear very difficult operating conditions due to the situation in the country but despite Yugomedic still have successful cooperation with many companies and successfully manage to sell its products. By 2002. Yugomedic expands its production hall from 300m2 to 600m2 increasing its production capacity.
    Constantly monitoring the needs of the market, company product portfolio from year to year increases and as complement to the product range products from famous brand products Orchidee are being imported. Year2002
  • In 2005 after graduating, Jugoslav joins his son Vladimir Đurđulov. In the coming years Vladimir commits his freshly acquired knowledge and develops business of Yugomedic. Year2005
  • In 2007. as a confirmation of regulated and healthy business system company Yugomedic implements quality standard ISO 9001 and operates according to the requirements of quality management.Customers are now widely recognizing Yugomedic quality products and its trust they are giving through various demands for the production of PL brands. In this field cooperations are realized with many major retail chains in the country. Year2007
  • By 2009. Yugomedic with the Swiss company as a partner founding the new company called Cottonmedic specialized only for the manufacturing of hygiene tampons. Production starts on the latest modern technology with the support of the production lines of Yugomedic. Soon hygienic tampons are being exported to many countries around the world. Year2009
  • In 2010. Yugomedic continues expanding its production hall and begins construction of a new hall of 1000m2 in addition to already existing 600m2 of production space. Year2010
  • By 2016. Yugomedic has more than 20 employees who work diligently and successfully for Yugomedic positioning on the market as a respected manufacturer of hygiene and medical products made of pure cotton. Year2016
  • Yugomedic is constantly expanding its product portfolio with a new cotton products. Together with that PL product brands have become Yugomedic’s specialty. Year2018